Wedding Tattoos: What You Need To Know

  • If tattoos are a big part of your , you might want them to become a part of your wedding, too. In the following, discover what you need to know about wedding tattoos, according to the best tattoo artists.

    Tattoos are a new great way couples use to honor their love for each other because they can show their passion that is about the two of them to everyone.

    One of the best designs honoring each other’s love is matching tattoos, which show what you have for one another. Another good idea is to have symmetrical tattoos that are not only showing your love but also appealing to the eyes of many.  

    However, it is best that you stick with minimal ones, not massive designs. You can express the love by choosing a subtle and simple ink in which design has a significant meaning in your love story or for the two of you.

    Also, a cool idea to consider is “I love you,” that can be exactly what you need!   This expression of love is not only the cutest but also the sweetest declaration of it.

    Now if you two are linked by a religious or spiritual belief like Christianity, you can express the love with the “Cross” tattoo.

    For a little less serious expression, you can also opt for a cartoon tattoo if both of you have that love for these cute characters. These designs can express the fun-loving couple you are.

    At the end of the day, choose a design that has a significant meaning in your .  The tattoo can be a symbol, nickname or shared interest.

    Nevertheless, it should have that sort of meaning. Remember, it has to be something that you will be happy looking at because it will be on your skin forever.

    You also have to choose among the best tattoo shop wisely.  So for this reason, you should not just walk into a tattoo shop one day and pick any artist.   Do your homework for local shops before getting inked, so try comparing them.

    For example, go and check out their Instagram feeds and portfolio to check their work and determine if you like this artist’s work on your skin.  

    You can talk to the artist whose style is awesome!  If you like those tattoos he has done and his style, you can have a meeting with him or her to talk about the wedding tattoo you want.

    However, you should be realistic if the artist tells you that the design you’re looking for won’t work.  Be open to suggestions about how to improve it and try to come up with something on which both of you can agree. At the end of it all, you should pick a tattoo artist that you trust.

    For first timers on a tattoo for a wedding, their most common question is “when to get inked.”    

    A tattoo can bleed and is painful.  Both of you have to take care of it. For this very same reason, do not get a tattoo on the wedding day.  Instead, you can consider having it one to two weeks before or after your wedding.

    [Surprise factor: If you planned to have it weeks before the wedding, you can cover it on the day, and then unveil it during the wedding ceremony itself.]

    More tips: Winter and fall are the best seasons to get inked – because the temperature can be better for the artist and you.  For example, studios are more comfortable in the winter, so it gives an easier time for the artist to concentrate. And when it comes to healing, your tattoo will be less exposed to the elements and heal more quickly.

    The both of you can create a tattoo menu for guests with most of the designs minimal and simple in nature because they don’t need a lot of work. You can choose to offer the tattooing during the reception or during the cocktail hour only.

    NOTE: Check your state laws because not all states permit tattooing in other places aside from a tattoo parlor.

    Make your wedding day more ink-credible with temporary tattoos for your guests and yourselves (must be done in advance or the day after the wedding for more detailed tats).

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