‘What a d******’ Outrage over photo of BMW parked over two spaces with two tickets 

It’s a sight many motorists in the UK will have experienced first hand – a car parked over two spaces.

Culprits are usually owners of flashy and expensive cars, who are looking to protect their precious motor from car park prangs.

After shelling out tens of thousands of pounds on a shiny new set of wheels, the last thing you want is for some inconsiderate driver to chip the paintwork in a Tesco’s car park.

However, while it is understandable why these motorists do park over two spots, it is still incredibly inconsiderate.

Often it can take you ages to source out a spot in a car park, so to see one driver hogging two spots will certainly outrage other drivers. 

A recent photograph surfaced online of a BMW owner seemingly commuting the same offence by parking over two bays.

The curious thing about this instance is, however, that the driver in question paid for two parking spaces and displayed both tickets on his dashboard.

Opinions on the driver’s actions are dividing people on social media with some praising the drivers initiative and others still condemning it.

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Some people blasted the motorists stating that it makes them “twice as dumb” and another stated that “Just because he has a bmw he thinks he can park like that” and one more was somewhat more assertive saying “What a d******d it’s only a bmw nothing special.”

Other respected the fact that the motorist paid for two tickets but were still frustrated but the action. 

One said: “I like the fact he paid for both spaces but it’s still being an entitled w****r, it’s still taking up a space that someone else could use.”

“Fair play I suppose but if I was looking for a space and he had two I’d still kick his car!” added another. 

While there were some people moaning at the motorist’s action, there were a number that supported them. 

“Totally acceptable, prevents idiots who can’t park, or open their door without slamming the car next to them. If you like an care your car, why not,” stated one.

“One way to make sure no one dings your expensive doors”

Other blamed the motorists in the adjacent spaces: “Well, given the c**t in the black 4×4 was parked like a k**b, he couldn’t really fit in the one to the driver’s side anyway.

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However, one motorist issued a warning to the driver saying that he himself was penalised for doing something similar.

He said: “Unfortunately most car parks state you need to be in one bay and between the lines…

“I used a van to move house, parked in a public car park using two bays lengthways and was told it’d be ok by an attendant…

“I left feeling pleased with my problem solving skills but returned to see a ticket…naturally I argued that I’d paid for two tickets, my appeal was rejected.”

Motorists in the UK can be fined for parking over two parking spaces. 

One example of this happening is when a Ferrari driver parked over two spaces last year and was handed a £90 charge despite paying for both bays. 

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