What Are the Costs to Adoption?

What Are the Costs to Adoption

Adoption is one of the most selfless acts a potential parent can perform.

Not only are you expanding your family but you are giving a child a forever home. For many people, adoption can be a scary process. You may wonder what all is involved and most importantly if you can afford it.

There are several costs to adoption, depending on what type of adoption you choose but the rewards of adding a child to your family greatly outweigh them.

Domestic adoption costs

Domestic adoptions have many costs that a potential parent may not have considered.

These costs can include everything from legal representation to medical costs of the birth mother. As an adoptive parent, you may have to pay for legal representation not only for yourself but for the birth parents as well.

There may be medical costs associated with the birth or care of the child that you plan to adopt.

Depending on the adoption situation, an adoptive parent may need to pay for counseling, rent for the birth parents as well as their phone costs and travel expenses for your family or the birth parents.

Adoptive parents are also responsible for the costs of a home study as well as your own promotional costs to find a child to add to your family.  

Domestic adoptions can range in price from $15,000 to $50,000 for the agency fee with additional costs for any arrangements that may have been made with the adoptive parents.

International adoption costs

Child welfare centers may also expect a donation at the time of the adoption

International adoptions can add additional costs to adoption that can include agency and attorney fees as well as the application expense for citizenship in the U.S. and immigration costs.

In addition, you may have to pay for travel to the host country of the child or translation expenses to understand the processes of adoption in a foreign country.

Child welfare centers may also expect a donation at the time of the adoption that will have to be figured into your total costs as an adoptive parent.

Because an international adoption is performed by an adoption agency in most cases, they can cost potential parents between $30,000 and $80,000, depending on the country the adoption takes place in and the situation of the child and birth parents.

Most private agencies provide a detailed outline of payments and when each one is due.

Foster care adoptions costs

Foster care adoptions may be a more affordable option as these adoptions are subsidized by tax monies in addition to providing monthly stipends to a family that has adopted from the foster care system.

There are some instances, when the state may require payment for a home study or supervisory visits until there is a permanent placement of the child into your family. While much of the cost of a foster care adoption is covered by the state, in most instances, they typically cost a family up to $2000.

Additional adoption costs

Your family will also need to have a medical exam prior to adopting a child

It is important to note that an adoptive family will need to undergo a home study to determine if they are suitable parents.

These studies will require a background check and child abuse check with fees for approval of the study and investigation in your past history.

Your family will also need to have a medical exam prior to adopting a child, and there may be blood tests, immunizations, or other tests that are required by the state of adoption.

As adoptive parents, you may be required to take educational classes that you are responsible for the fees for as well as the supervisory visits that occur after a child has been placed in your home in a domestic or foster care adoption.

When working with the birth parent to adopt a child, you may also be required to cover the mother’s medical expenses for prenatal care, birthing costs, and all hospital expenses. Some of these expenses may, however, be covered under your own medical insurance, especially for the baby you plan to adopt.

As an adoptive parent looking to adopt a child out of state, you need to consider that you may be making several trips there to meet and bond with the child and then finalize the adoption. This could include flight costs, hotel stays, car expenses, and food costs along with your travels as well as any other necessities you may need during each trip.

There are plenty of ways to raise money for adoption

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With so many different types of adoptions available today, you can find one that meets your financial needs and allows you to grow your family with a little boy or girl.

Do not be afraid of the costs of adoption as there are plenty of ways to raise money, gain tax credits or use grants to adopt a child into your family.

While there may seem to be a lot of costs involved with adoption, there is no amount of money that can be placed on welcoming a child into your home.

These costs will seem a small price to pay as your bond with the child grows and you become the loving parents you always dreamed of.

With a background in publishing, marketing, and online media, Andrea Cerny brings a robust set of skills to Angel Adoption Inc. She thrives on building relationships with like-minded individuals and working hard to ensure their online presence is the absolute best reflection of them.

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