What Your Native American Zodiac Can Say About You

What your native American zodiac can say about you

In ancient times, people believed and relied so much on the powers of the stars and the moon. The cosmos was used as a way to predict the events here on Earth, good or bad. Astrologers, magicians, shamans, and healers used the activity of the stars as a way to explain such events. And while we are all familiar with Western Astrology, in this article, we are exploring the Native American Zodiac, so if you’re curious to know what’s your Native American Zodiac sign and what it means for you, then we highly suggest that you read on.

Navigating through the Native American Zodiac

In the Native American Zodiac, birth signs are called ‘birth totems’ and just in the same way that we refer to western astrology; we can use our birthdate to find out more about ourselves.  

Totems, in the North American culture, are spiritual beings, sacred objects, or even symbols that serve as a family or a tribe or a clan’s insignia.

The native American zodiac calls what we know as birth signs, ‘birth totems’ because, they symbolize what or who a person is.

The North and South Hemisphere

It is also important to know that when learning about the Native American zodiac, the signs are also subdivided by the North and South Hemisphere.

The Native American shamans considered that the astrological position of the stars and even the seasons are different for the North and the South hemisphere hence, the distinction between the two.

It is advisable that for one to know what their birth totem is, you have to consider the location of the place you were born, whether you were born in the North or South, to have an accurate description of your Native American Zodiac.


Otter is oldest among the animals of the North American Zodiac

Date: January 20 to February 18 (North Hemisphere); July 20 to August 22 (Southern Hemisphere)

Odd, intelligent, unconventional… These are the words that you can associate with the Otter. But, beyond these, otters are humanitarians by heart.

The oldest among the animals of the North American Zodiac, the Otters are very independent, rebellious but loyal to a fault.

Otters are also very creative and very intelligent so that sometimes their heads are stuck in the clouds. This may not be a cause to worry though, because with the greatest minds come to the greatest ideas.

If your birth totem is the otter, may we remind you that it is also important to come back to earth every once in a while? After all, you’re the humanitarians of the zodiac, don’t get lost in your world of thoughts because the world needs you.


The wolf is the most compassionate among the animals of the zodiac

Date: February 19 to March 20 (North Hemisphere); August 23 to September 22 (Southern Hemisphere)

As a wolf, you are very much inclined to feel things very deeply. That’s because you wear your heart on your sleeve. You are a great lover with a highly exceptional talent for passion.

The wolf is the most compassionate among the animals of the zodiac. Even though they also prefer to be alone, they are very tender, sentimental and very considerate when it comes to their loved ones.

There are times when you feel very disconnected from your everyday life, but that’s okay because you are a very strong-spirited animal.

The intelligent and sensitive wolf can excel in careers that use these strengths. Sample careers include being a nurse, a writer, or a spiritual guide.


Hawk is the truest visionaries of the North American zodiac

Date: March 21 to April 19 (North Hemisphere); September 23 to October 22 (Southern Hemisphere)

The Falcon/Hawk is the truest visionaries of the North American zodiac. Their quest for wisdom empowers them. Everyone can rely on them for their judgment, initiative, and persistence. Just like the Falcon/hawk.

If you want an intense and fiery lover, you should choose someone whose birth totem is a falcon.

Known to be impatient amongst the signs, the life lessons that a Falcon learns are to remain sensitive towards the differences between the people of the signs.

With the fire in their signs, they are characterized as the sign with much gusto.

Regarding career paths, it is recommended that a falcon flies through a career that’s upbeat and highly energized.


The beavers are the cheerleaders of the Native American Zodiac

Date: April 20 to May 20 (North Hemisphere); October 23 to November 21 (Southern Hemisphere)

The beavers are the cheerleaders of the Native American Zodiac. They have a ‘can-do’ attitude, and if you are around a beaver, you can expect kindness generosity and support.

Beaver people are known to be masters of methods and are very much known to be buoyant when they are pursuing a goal.

When it comes to love, beavers are known to be very emotional. Feeling everything with their heart makes them at a loss for words sometimes. Even though they tend to be possessive, the Beavers surely belong to the “mate-for-life” group.

As for careers, the eager beavers might find themselves in the accounting and financial advisory professions, something that’s low risk because of your high regard for order and structure.

The stars are asking that as a beaver, you ought to develop an open mind.


Deers are known to be the great conversationalists of the Native American zodiac

Date: May 21 to June 20 (North Hemisphere); November 22 to December 21 (Southern Hemisphere)

A Deer always knows what to say, if no one in the room does. They are known to be the great conversationalists of the Native American zodiac, no wonder they are at every house party for a night of great conversation!

The deer are known to be swift and quiet as they make their way through the forests. And this is also how they are known to navigate through life… with peace, quiet, and gentleness.

When you look at a deer, you might notice their contradictory nature. It may seem that they’re very meek and weak, but on the inside, they’re very strong and bold. A characteristic one must need to manoeuvre the wilderness of the forest.

The highlights of the deer’s personality are quick-mindedness, high sociability, and their tenacity to adapt to changes.

Leadership positions in advertising and sales suit the deer people very well. This is because of their great ability to rally troops into one functioning team.


The Woodpeckers are the most nurturing among the zodiac

Date: June 21 to July 21 (North Hemisphere); December 22 to January 19 (Southern Hemisphere)

The Woodpeckers are the most nurturing among the zodiac. A family is everything to a woodpecker. They can devote themselves fully for the sake of family and sometimes, they even endanger their own needs if it means that their family comes first.

A woodpecker is encouraged when their efforts are recognized. If you are partnered with one, do not forget to celebrate your woodpecker partner’s contributions and efforts for the family.

A word of caution to the woodpecker: Learn to balance the power of your emotions and intellect.

It can be said that you are lucky if you are partnered with a Woodpecker for they are very romantic. They will woo you with poetry, songs, flowers, and chocolates! This thoughtfulness translates to making them a highly sensual partner in bed.

The ideal work for a Woodpecker is something that’s close to home because of the amount of priority they give to family. Teaching, caregiving, and even becoming a chef; these careers tap into the nurturing nature of the woodpecker. A family-run business is also highly suggestible.


The Salmon season teaches us that life can be lived drama-free

Date: July 22 to August 21 (North Hemisphere); January 20 to February 18 (Southern Hemisphere)

With the fire element in the energetic Salmon, it’s no wonder that Salmon people are the life of the party. And this is how they choose to navigate through life: Boisterous, fun, lively!

The Salmon season teaches us that life can be lived drama-free.

Salmons have this deep desire to reproduce. This is not inherently equivalent to the reproduction of children; it could also mean giving birth to an idea, for example; an art piece as they are also very creative and intelligent by nature.

When it comes to their romantic , the Salmon is known to be dominant. If you are partnered with one, prepare yourself for an organization. They are also very sensual in nature and love to be showered with adornment. They are very loyal to their partners and encourage a lot of passion for keeping the fire burning.

Salmons will thrive within the healthcare industry or a pro bono institution.


Date: August 22 to September 21 (North Hemisphere); February 19 to March 20 (Southern Hemisphere)

The most level-headed animal in the North American Zodiac: The Bear.

A perfectionist but humble, that’s what makes you truly you. You have a perfect eye for details which can also influence your expectations of others. As a bear, you tend to be overly critical of others.

Bear people take each day as an opportunity to live it carefully. They use each experience as a way to help them understand life on a deeper level.

With the element of earth belonging in your sign, you are very grounded and would need to open up to your own possible higher and divine self.

Having such deep regard for humility, the Bear sometimes has an issue with their self-confidence. They are also not fans of a long-lasting , for they don’t believe in it.

The bear’s eye for detail makes them perfect for positions that use logic and analysis. Among the career paths that they could enjoy are Financial Advising, Researching, Technical Writing, and Math.


Date: September 22 to October 22 (North Hemisphere); March 21 to April 19 (Southern Hemisphere)

The Raven season comes to teach us to balance our emotional life.

It is like the Raven people to give happiness to others sometimes forgetting to replenish themselves.

Having the element of air in your sign, you glide through life with quick mood changes and very intensified energy levels.

As a partner, be ready to be smothered by love and romance by the Raven! As they go through life searching for the one, they have already been preparing a home for them. They are very dependable when they are in a , and if you are with one, you can expect fidelity and loyalty at all times

Ravens are used for symbolizing communication. Any role related to that could be fulfilling for any raven.


Snake teaches the truest essence of forgiveness

Date: October 23 to November 22 (North Hemisphere); April 20 to May 20 (Southern Hemisphere)

Whenever the Snake season comes, we are taught to learn the truest essence of forgiveness.

If you are a Snake, you are likely to experience dissonance as you go through life. You may be faced with trials to answer mind versus the heart.

With the capacity to shed skin, this is symbolic of how Snake people will go through a whole lot of changes throughout their lifetime. Each time a new version of themselves is present to face these changes.

For them to move forward with life, Snake people must be able to make peace of the past and let go of it.

The masculine nature of the snake may be intimidating at first, but once you get to know one, you’ll know how deep the waters go. Snake people are very emotional and can feel everything very deeply.

Do not let the masculine nature of Snakes fool you when it comes to love, because they crave intimacy. Even though being in a relationship with a Snake can have its complexities, prepare yourselves for a passionate and extraordinary time in bed.

Being in the scientific field would be very good for a Snake person to bloom in professionally.


The Owl believes in the fruit of hard work

Date: November 23 to December 21 (North Hemisphere); May 21 to June 20 (Southern Hemisphere)

The Owl believes in the fruit of hard work. Their tenacity borders on stubbornness, but this characteristic is what sets them apart from the other zodiac totems. Once they have set their minds and their hearts on a goal, there is no stopping the Owl.

Like an Owl, the Owl people carefully study a situation before executing their plan of attack.

They also make good leaders. Owls have an innate sense of optimism, enthusiasm, and peaceful nature makes them very good at being the leader of the pack.

An Owl person will have a keen eye for the authentic and genuine. If you are one, they will love you and consider you to be a friend. If not, they will fly far away from you. They are honest, but sometimes too honest that they forget their tact.

During Owl season, we are taught to lower our pride, if not, to completely deprive ourselves of it. This season is also calling us to practice tolerance.

When in a relationship, Owls value their freedom and space. As part of their personal characteristic, they will not be overly jealous nor smothering of love. And they expect you to do the same. Hence, they are very compatible with the Otter, Raven, Deer, Salmon, and Falcon for these totems also value independence even in .

However, do not take this as their incapability to be in a relationship, for once you do provide them with enough space and trust, you will discover just how much an Owl is fun-loving, adventurous, and completely honest with you.

Do not ever let an Owl become bored – it doesn’t suit them! Ideally, an Owl will suit freelancing roles, where they can spread their wings and fly anytime as soon as their work is done.


Date: December 22 to January 19 (North Hemisphere); June 21 to July 21 (Southern Hemisphere)

The Goose season comes to teach us that it is perfectly all right to fly from the pack and fly solo.

If you are a goose, you exude the drive, zeal for success, grit, and strong work ethic.

Beyond their regal-like appearance, the Goose has a perfect sense of honor. You can trust that the Goose will always have wise and honest opinions.

When partnered with a Goose, you can rest assured that you will have a long lasting relationship.  With that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that the goose is the symbol of strong family values in the Far East.

They love to laugh and extend the warmth of their soul to those close to them. With the family as their priority, they will work hard for their family regarding keeping them safe financially, as well as in other aspects.

As a creature of ingenious stories, the Goose is adept at being in a career that utilizes this particular skill such as writing books, to advertising, and marketing.

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