Why Is It Hard for Men to Commit in a Relationship?

  • Why Is It Hard for Men to Commit in a Relationship

    Why Is It Hard for Men to Commit in a Relationship

    Let us assume that you have been dating or going around with a guy lately but every time you start a conversation about taking the to the next level, he doesn’t want to label it. Relationships are fragile things that take a lot of efforts to come together and go on in a fluent and perfect way. You might be giving all that you have in the including , trust, and mutual support but that is something that you are giving from the end but what about your man?

    Does he put all the trust that it takes in you?

    Does he offer support where it is needed yet abstains from sharing everything with you?

    Men take time to commit to a – like a LOT of time because they have their own share of experiences. Well, that’s just the starting because there are numerous reasons for which they do not say – “I do”!!

    Here are reasons why men face a hard time to commit to a relationship. 

    1. He still wants to play around – more

    This is the most common reason that would come across a woman’s head – the guy must be fooling around and sticking around for fun. That’s something that can be a probable reason in some cases for sure where the guy is just having a passing affair with you to get the benefits that you’re providing him.

    A lot of times guys want the thrill in their lives and that’s why they stick around without committing. They are not the men with commitment issues, they just aren’t serious enough. 

    2. The past experiences – good and bad

    The past experiences - good and bad

    Everyone has their share of experiences – both good and bad.

    Commitment phobic men are those who have had a really bad experience would do anything to avoid repeating the same episode.

    I remember a friend of mine was seriously, madly, deeply in with this woman and was planning to get married. When he went ahead and proposed to her – she declined on his face. He was in severe trauma for weeks and then moved on.

    But he was not ready to be in a serious relationship but then came another woman who loved him so much. When she came forward to say those beautiful words to him – he froze and couldn’t say anything.

    This is one reason why men don’t commit to a relationship because they are afraid to face another failure in life and hence, they abstain from the same.

    Commitment phobic men are scared that their relationship will meet the same fate as previous relationships did. 

    3. He really thinks that you’re not the perfect one

    You cannot make the correct choices every time – the first time. When it comes to choosing the perfect one for marriage, you have to go through dates that are nightmares, meaningful conversations, long weekends and much more than that. In that due course, you come across a lot of people that are not worthy to be called – the perfect one. Committing too early would real bad decision for you (in this case – for men). Hence, they abstain from doing it too early.

    Men with commitment issues are those who never plan to settle down with anyone at all. 

    4. The hullabaloo around the word “marriage”

    Reasons guys are afraid to commit is because the concept of marriage is sometimes propagated as something that clips your wings and takes away your freedom.  That’s not the case, marriage gives you the opportunity to stay together and build a life together with a person you love and with whom you want to be with, willingly.

    When a guy is scared of commitment the signs that he shows include, tuning out when you talk of the future, sharing solo plans with you which doesn’t include you, reluctance to introduce you to his friends and family and so on.

    How to deal with a man with commitment issues

    If he’s taking too much time and not committing, he likes you and is taking time to be confident, playing around and trying to understand you better.

    But, if you seriously feel that he has commitment issues that he won’t get over then you leave. You don’t have to deal with it, if you want to have a future with a person and the person doesn’t want to do the same, then you make other plans.

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    Jonathan is the writer of this article. In this, he talks about the factors that make men refrain from making commitments in a relationship.

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